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What Others are Saying...

stars Jack 2 hours ago
Very good product for the price. Nice packaging. no concerns. the smart follow me mode is so great ! It's like I have my own photographer that keeps shooting me pictures and videos anywhere anytime ! Highly Recommended.
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stars Luke 3 hours ago
I got mine thank you! The 4K quality is amazing , videos and images are perfect ! Having two cameras make it a great experience .
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stars Nathan 5 hours ago
For what the product is, I easily rate this 5 stars. It's wonderful for new comers to the hobby, and includes everything you need right out of the box! This has a cool auto-correcting hover feature when you let go of the pitch (right) stick. For someone who has been used to more manual-type flight characteristics, it took some getting used to. I love the WiFi link capability, no more SD cards! You can record on SD cards as well if you prefer.
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stars David 8 hours ago
This drone is super fun to fly. I have flown lots of drones and this is amazing for its price. I was able to set it up with ease. The controls are very easy to learn. I was able to teach my inexperienced friends in less than 5 minutes. Below is a photo from the drone. It was so cool to look through the camera while the drone was flying. Overall I am very impressed.
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starsJohn  9 hours ago
I'm usually extremely protective over my tech, but this drone is so intuitive to use, & has so many anti-collision features installed, I handed it over to my 8-year-old son just minutes after getting it in the air.
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starsWill  11 hours ago
Of all my drones, this is one of my favorites because it is so portable.
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starsAntonio 1 day ago

My rating is based on the value for the price. This drone handles really well! I really did not expect this drone to operate as well as it did based on the price. I got this for my son, he is so surprised and excited. The included instructions are clear and the controls are very intuitive. My son accidentally crashed it into a tree and it showed no damage at all. I've tried it both indoors and outdoors. It handles surprising well outdoors (even with a bit of a breeze). For the price I really don't see any negatives about this product.
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stars Mike 1 day ago
This drone makes capturing a moment so easy and all of the pre-programmed modes are so much fun! It's so exciting to see footage of yourself which looks like it has been lifted straight from an action film, and it takes literally seconds to film.
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stars John 1 day ago

So many features for such an inexpensive drone! Auto takeoff and Land! Altitude Hold/Hover!! Speed adjustment so you can start off slow indoors, and really let it go once you're not. The App makes it very easy to take videos or still photos instantly! This little guy is punching above its weight with all the features they've packed in! Even comes with prop guards for safer indoor flight. Battery lasts 18-20 minutes
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stars Roberto 2 days ago

Bought the drone for my kid, the camera on it seems good quality for some random shooting. The drone comes with a joy stick which is super easy to use! Each charge takes about 19-20 mins of fly time. For the price I don't think anything else can beat it!
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