Revolutionary NEW Tactic Air Drone is Perfect for Travel and Outdoor Adventures

Tactic Air Drone

SUMMARY: This new drone offers high definition video, long lasting battery, and agile flying. All without the ridiculous cost of other drones on the market.

Drones are incredible as a hobby, useful for business, and awesome for recording yourself for Facebook or Instagram.

But until now, we had two options – cheap garbage under $150, and extremely expensive models, ranging from $600 - $5000 (and even more).

Over the past 12 months we've tested extensively the majority of drones available on the market and finally we have found a high-quality drone that defies its “less than $150” price.

It’s the lightweight, easy to use, and it was officially released just couple of months ago, and it's already breaking all the sales records in United States. We’re not surprised, because we fell in love with it too.

What Is It?

The "Tactic Air Drone" gives you incredible technology that’s still easy to use. It’s modeled on the latest military tech: you can set it to follow you around and automatically record what you are doing.

Tactic Air Drone

No hard controls, no complicated setup, no absurd price tag, just easy to use high-quality pictures and video.

Technology That Sounds Like Its From A Movie?

  • 4K Dual Camera & Picture-in-Picture Display
  • Autopilot Gravity Sensor: Detects the grounds and other obstacles, changes course to automatically avoid collision.
  • Your Robot Film Crew: The “Follow Me” mode sets the drone to automatically film you as you move.
  • Set-in-Advance: A specially program setting allows you to set the drone’s path in advance.
  • Hand Gesture Recognition: Change its course as you go. You can set the "Tactical Air Drone" to follow you or change position depending on your hand gestures.
  • Slow Motion: Slow down all the video you take to showcase every split-second.

Don’t want to read this whole article?

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The "Tactical Air Drone" gives you every feature you could need... for whatever you want to use it for. If you surf, skate, ski, snowboard, or parkour, just set the drone to automatically record you while you keep your hands free.

Use it professionally to create photoshoots of houses, properties, or run your own photoshoots.

Tactic Air Drone

If you enjoy photography now, just image having a new camera that you can fly anywhere. You will finally be able to take jaw-dropping pictures of your city’s skyline or the natural landscapes around your home.

Professional-level Picture Quality

Tactic Air Drone
Tactic Air Drone

If you are a professional the "Tactical Air Drone" will be a masterful addition to your camera set. If you are an amateur, you get enough camera power for absolutely anything you need.

The "Tactical Air Drone" is currently on sale. It’s an mind-numbing bargain that gives you more technology and camera power than you will find anywhere else.


And some more features...

  • Folding Body Design: Doesn’t break during transportation. Just fold it down to securely move or store it.
  • Professional level video quality: Up to 120 frames per second video, up to 12 megapixel pictures
  • Panorama Mode: Take stunning 360 degree photos with the click of a button.
Tactic Air Drone
Tactic Air Drone

Easy To Use: Spend Your Time Taking Pictures, Not Worrying About Hitting The Ground

Like other top of the market drones, you control it by using both your phone and a specially designed controller.

The setup is one of the easiest out of any drones out there. You just download the App, scan you drone’s QR code, plug in the battery, and you are ready to start filming.

Conclusion: Is "Tactic Air Drone" Worth It?

As we impatiently wait for summer to roll around again, the high quality but low cost of Tactic Air Drone is a welcome distraction. That's no doubt why it's selling out fast. With the school break inevitably coming up, stocks are quickly running out. We recommend placing your order for Tactic Air Drone while it's still available.

From now on, your Instagram and Facebook Stories will be the envy of your friends. This drone is a real pleasure to use and will make you take a fresh look at what's going on around you!

Tactic Air Drone

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