Whether you’re looking to regularly create content for social media or just a collection of personal videos to keep your memories alive, it helps to be able to shoot your own video clips. Unfortunately, the high-quality smartphones are not enough anymore!

Videos made using drones are incredible and more and more people want to buy one. The problem though, is the high price and the fact that most drones are very difficult to use. But now there is Tactic AIR Drone on the market, a drone that meets the expectations of those who want easy use, high quality, and low price all in one! Too good to be true? Let’s check it out…

Easy to use, Fun to fly – Shoot Like A Pro

The Tactic AIR Drone is the brand-new type of drone nowadays that has special features that guarantee the best possible results for your videos and photos. The integrated Follow Me mode allows the drone to automatically follow you and capture every move you make from a unique aerial perspective. The 4K HD camera is handy and easy to use. The MV function also allows you to edit your videos and photos to trim, darken, brighten or apply many other image editing options to your shots.

A miracle of engineering and design, the Tactic AIR Drone will follow you wherever the adventure takes you. This foldable and ultraportable quadcopter features unmatched flight performance for limitless exploration, while still being intuitive and easy to use.

What features can you find in this drone?

Tactic AIR Drone puts beginners for professionals. It contains the most desired features for a drone :

  • Intelligent Gesture Control – Launch and control with intuitive hand gestures and take photos and videos in whatever way you like.
  • 4K UHD Resolution – Shoot video at an incredible 4K resolution in 30 fps. Capture every second in full UHD quality.
  • Follow Me Mode – No matter if you are running, jumping or cycling the drone can follow you with just one click.
  • Dual Wide-Angle Cameras – See and record from both cameras simultaneously with split screen, picture-in-picture or separately.
  • Anti-Collision System – Built-in sensors prevent collisions with the ground & other obstacles.
  • Stabilized Camera – The drone will remain stable in the air, regardless of the weather.
  • Minimalist and practical design –The smart lightweight construction folds together for extra portability.
  • High-quality video – The images look incredibly sharp on this drone.
  • 3 handling speeds – With their help, drone handling is very simple.
  • Speed in flight – It operates on a very good speed that helps capturing several images in a shorter time.

General Tactic AIR Drone reviews and opinions

Due to its unique functions as well as the innovative Follow Me mode, Tactic AIR Drone has already aroused worldwide interest and is considered to be one of the best drones on the market for 2019. This small drone is more controllable than the previous ones, and the equipment that goes with it always gives you the opportunity to keep it running.

One user reports that the Tactic AIR Drone is surprisingly well manufactured and meets all other requirements. It makes capturing a moment so easy and all of the pre-programmed modes are so much fun! It’s so exciting to see footage of yourself which looks like it has been lifted straight from an action film, and it takes literally seconds to film.

Another user tells how easy this small drone was to handle and how easy it was to use. He downloaded the app, recharged the battery and everything went very well, as he writes. He is satisfied with this model and very impressed by how far it could go without losing transmission.

A third user of the device talks about how long it took him to buy such a drone because he thought it was too difficult to operate it. But everything worked perfectly and simply and he now enjoys the various possibilities he has for filming and photographing. He really enjoys it and can’t imagine a normal filming and photographing without this mini drone anymore. This has become too “boring” for him.

Where Can I Get Tactic AIR Drone?

Tactic AIR Drone has zero negative comments, an important aspect of product quality certification. Everyone praises it and says they are enthusiastic about their choice!

If you want to be one of the satisfied customers yourself, just go to their official website here.

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