This Cheap Selfie Drone Is Making Waves in the US Right Now — We’ve Figured Out Why!

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This exciting new drone is taking the United States by storm right now, thanks to its high quality features and low price tag.

Some of the features that makes the Tactic AIR Drone stand out in the marketplace include:

  • It’s much smaller and more lightweight than conventional selfie drones which are large and clunky. You can take it anywhere you go.
  • It's much cheaper than brand name drones, but still offers high-quality performance.
  • It’s easy to use, even if you haven’t had any experience flying one.
  • Even though the Tactic AIR Drone is super easy to use, it has advanced features, such as allowing for hand gestures to control it, two built in cameras, the ability to follow a moving object (tracking mode), strong wind resistance (meaning you can keep it stable at the same altitude even when windy) and you can switch between 1080p and 4k.

It’s plug and go — you download an app if you want live WiFi transmission to your phone and features such as advanced navigation. It comes with an SD card and remote control as well, so you don’t need to use an app unless you want to.

Try to picture having a mini drone with HD camera, inside your pocket at all times — the million of ways you could use it; whenever and wherever you want to.

Why Do I Say This Drone Is All You Need?

The Tactic AIR Drone comes at a fraction of the price that brandname drones do, but its performance is just as good — if not better — than brand name drones. And thanks to its sleek, foldable, design you can take it anywhere you go.

Anybody can look like a pro with this drone — using it is very intuitive.

Are you a novice? Don’t worry –- you’ll be able to take to the skies in minutes, literally. Handling the Tactic AIR Drone is so easy and you can have so much fun with it, you won’t stop flying once you start!

Are you a pro? You're getting all the features you like for a fraction of the cost brand names offer.

Think of it as your favourite new gadget, or toy, but which can be used for professional footage and blogging, as well as for catching unforgettable moments in nature, or with friends and with family. It’s easy enough to handle that the 8-year-old in the family can fly it and comes with advanced enough features that the tech geek with a travel blog will be using it for epic footage

Watch This Short Video to See the Tactic AIR Drone in Action:

What Makes the Tactic AIR Drone So Special?

If you ask us what the key difference is between the Tactic AIR Drone and other drones on the market, it is that it makes even the most novice of novices look like seasoned pros when it comes to navigating drones. It is so easy to fly and to handle. With its sleek, feature-rich, remote control and accompanying app, it makes everything about navigating drones easy. You will be flying and taking stunning shots with it in no time.

Automatic Flight Assistance

Intelligent flight modes ensure that the drone takes off and lands safely, as well as performs a number of tricks, such as flips and spins, you never thought you could do!

Wide Angle 1080p and 4k Cameras

You can choose between high definition (if you need a smaller file size/faster transmission) and ultra high definition; ensuring you get crystal clear images. You also have two cameras, so you can capture everything from two angles simultaneously!

Photos from Amazing Heights

You can take stills, as well as use video, from an altitude of about 200 meters! In other words, you can get the exact angle you want and the images will come back crystal clear thanks to the high definition.

Foldable and Lightweight — Carry It Anywhere

Bringing along a DLSR can be a hassle — they’re heavy and take up a lot of space. Not the Tactic AIR Drone. It’s foldable, weighs less than half a kilo and can fit into a large pocket. Think of it as the difference between a MacBook and a MacBook Air — this is the Air!

Why Is This High Quality Drone So Cheap?

It’s simple: brandnames charge for their brand. This is a newer brand and they have put all their effort into creating great products for a great price; not fancy branding and overpricing their products just because they can. They researched the market before they set out and realised that people charge for brand, not quality. Making great drones actually doesn’t cost that much — not anymore. What was once fancy technology is now pretty basic, unless you want the kind of drones that are used for police missions and built to handle tornadoes!

Is It Worth the Money?

Absolutely yes!

Most drones as well designed as the Tactic AIR Drone and with as many features cost $300-$400 — sometimes more depending on the brand.

But the Tactic AIR Drone costs less than $100.

: You can have your very own the Tactic AIR Drone at the price of $99(limited time offer) – an absolute steal for a drone of this quality!   

Get it from the official website, while the offer is on...only while supplies last!

Main Features

  • 4 channels, with LED lights, 6-axis gyroscope, gyroscope calibration function, stuck protection, low power protection
  • When flying it can ascend, descend, advance, retreat, turn left, turn right, hover, fly left, fly right
  • One button to makes it take off, one button to makes it fall (descend), one button to makes it stop urgently
  • Fast and slow files for transmission
  • Two cameras and the ability to choose between 4k and 1080p ; you can switch between the two and see both angles on your screen
  • Headless mode
  • With an advanced density pressure sensor and gravity sensor, it can accurately set and maintain a certain altitude
  • Real-time WiFi transmission; mobile phone control; and advanced navigation features via the app
  • Foldable and easy to carry; weighs 0.15 kgs
  • Modular large-capacity battery for longer flights
  • Electric adjustment of the camera angle; ability to follow a moving object (tracking mode); and gesture control
  • Comes with a battery operated remote control; built-in lithium-ion battery, 3.7V, 300mAh — ability to control the drone from 200 meters away

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